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Where is the best breakfast burrito in Newport Beach, CA 92663


Ah, Newport Beach – a place that’s as much about the surf and sand as it is about that perfect start to your day with a killer breakfast burrito. In the 92663 zip, which hugs the coastline with spots like the Newport Pier and Balboa Peninsula, you’re in prime territory for some of the best breakfast burritos in SoCal.

One spot that consistently gets rave reviews is Seaside Bakery. It’s not your traditional breakfast spot; it’s more of a hidden gem that locals swear by. Located near the Newport Pier, it’s perfect for grabbing a burrito and enjoying the early morning ocean views. Their breakfast burritos are hefty, filled with fresh ingredients, and have just the right balance of flavors.

breakfast burrito in newport beach

Another must-try is Alta Coffee Co.. Known for its cozy atmosphere and excellent coffee, Alta also serves up a mean breakfast burrito. It’s a bit of a local institution and a great place to soak up the laid-back Newport vibe.

breakfast burrito in newport beach


For those who love to start their day right after catching some waves, The Galley Cafe is your go-to. This spot has a very “locals only” feel, with a simple but delicious breakfast menu. The burritos here are straightforward, no-fuss, and packed with flavors.

breakfast burrito in newport beach

Lastly, don’t overlook Dory Deli. Right by the beach, this place offers a view almost as good as its food. Their breakfast burritos come with a variety of fillings to please everyone, from classic bacon and egg to more adventurous options.

breakfast burrito in newport beach

Remember, Newport Beach is all about that relaxed beach lifestyle, so take your time, enjoy the views, and savor that breakfast burrito. Each of these spots offers something unique, so why not try them all and decide for yourself which is the best?


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