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Fate Of Junior Lifeguard Building Lies With Coastal Commission


The California Coastal Commission will discuss Wednesday whether or not Newport Beach can go forward with constructing a building to house its junior lifeguard program, the Orange County Register reported. (Maggie Avants/Patch)NEWPORT BEACH, CA — The construction of a $4.9 million building for Newport Beach’s junior lifeguard program faces one more hurdle before any work could begin, the California Coastal Commission. Although the Newport Beach City Council approved the project in 2021, it still needs the state agency’s OK before construction can begin on the 5,400-square-foot building, the Orange County Register reported. The Coastal Commission will decide the project’s fate Wednesday.Find out what’s happening in Newport Beach-Corona Del Marwith free, real-time updates from Patch.Let’s go!Visit the Orange County Register website to read more about the proposed junior lifeguard building.
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